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Juried Exhibit accompanying the 2014 AMS Special Session on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts

Click on an image to see it at full size. Links are given below to full descriptions of the pieces.
The exhibit was so popular that there were very few opportunities to take unobstructed pictures! And the lighting in the hallway was terrible terrible terrible for photos... sorry. Those items sent by post for inclusion were also photographed separately, and the images are included below.

The half of the exhibit closer to the session room.

Somehow no photo was taken of Rachel Braun's counted cross stitch Bamidbar, so here is the image she submitted to the exhibit jury. Full description

The piece of exhibit table closest to the session room. Photos of individual items follow. (There will be more photos of the tables, proceeding away from the session room.)

No closeup photo of this in situ was in focus, so you get Johanna Franklin's photo of her knitted Borromean Ring of Mobius Strips. Full description

Here is a collection of knitted Binary Bonsai from the Botanica Mathematica project (Madeleine Shepherd and Julia Collins). Full description

These knitted binary bonsai are colored to correspond to depth-first and breadth-first tree searches, knitted by Kicki Frisch. They get their own photo because sarah-marie likes them so much.

Jake Wildstrom's crocheted Curvy Coasters. Full description

Mary Shepherd's D4---Group, Subgroups and Cosets cross-stitch. Full description

The next section of table (heading away from the session room).

Carolyn Yackel's Truncated Temari. Full description

Susan Schmoyer's knitted Elliptic Curve Torus. The color is way off in this photo...

...so here's another, way better photo. Full description

Marie-Christine Bevington's crocheted and fulled Shiraz hat. Full description

Veronika Irvine's bobbin lace piece Cyber Rose. Full description

And, the next section of table, again proceeding away from the session room.

A blurry photo of Gwen Fisher's Super Right Angle Weave study RAW Diamonds. Seriously, don't enlarge this one. Just go to the next picture...

...much better, eh? Gwen's work is always lovely, but this piece is particularly fetching. (Or is that the teal and batik talking to sarah-marie?) The piece combines bead weaving, quilt piecing, and lots of math. Full description

Aisha Mahmood's crocheted Irrational Ribbons---Golden Ratio; Cherry Pi; Natural Log Base; Square Root of Blue Full description

The starting ends of the irrational ribbons.

A blurry photo of sarah-marie belcastro's knitted Torus Links. Full description

A less blurry photo of the torus links.

Lana Holden's knitted Margolus Cowl. Full description

A solo photo of the Margolus Cowl. You may think it is blurry, but no---enlarge to see the full glory of the crisp cables.

Carolyn Yackel's Crocheted Tetraflexagon. This is best appreciated by flexing, of course. Alternate views are included with the Full description.

Danny Otero's cross-stitched Square of Squared Squares. These are hard to photograph in focus! Full description.

Jake Wildstrom's crocheted Crumbling Block I. Full description

Another view of Crumbling Block I.

Louise Gould's embroidered pieces.

Louise Gould's Cuboctahedron---Projective Plane Transformer. This was one of the few pieces in the exhibit meant to be picked up and manipulated. It was quite a challenge to wrap the cuboctahedron half into a polyhedral projective plane! Full description

Louise Gould's Murhombicuboctahedron ( Full description

Louise Gould's Mucuboctahedron ( Full description

Chawne Kimber and Ethan Berkove's Transitions #1. The quilt face is paper and the backing is fabric. Full description

Another view of Transitions #1.

sarah-marie belcastro's knitted YxI: core, completion, and scarf. Full description

We've reached the end of the tables and see the easels on the far side.

Norah Gaughan's knitted Coastline Camisole and Coastline Skirt. Full description

Kyle Calderhead's crocheted Hexagonal Hilbert. Full description

At the start of the official exhibit viewing time, the exhibit was thronged. (Actually, at any given time of day there were several people viewing the exhibit.) Even with the blurriness, Jake Wildstrom, Berit Givens, Elizabeth Denne, Cynthia Woodburn, Norma Taber, and Kyle Calderhead are all identifiable.

Another view of essentially the same scene.

Later, Carolyn Yackel spoke with Virginia Urban (FIT) while Evelyn Lamb (of mathematics blog fame) grinned at sarah-marie. Sadly, the camera did not like the lack of light and made everyone blurry.

That's Patsy Wang-Iverson on the right, examining pieces on the left end of the table.

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