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Norah Gaughan's Celestine

Title: Celestine
Artist and Designer: Norah Gaughan Norah's blog Norah's book
Materials: Berroco Yarn
Technique: Knitting
Artist’s Statement: Celestine is a stellated dodecahedron made of twelve identical triangulated pentagons. Each elongated pentagon is knit in one piece on double pointed needles by repeating simple triangle instructions five times around. Each pentagon is built on the the last by picking up stitches along the adjoining edges of existing pentagons. In its simplest form, the instruction for a single triangle is repeated sixty times to make an ob ject that looks quite complicated.
Celestine was born when my colleague in the Berroco design studio challenged me to make a 3-dimensional star from polygons. I had been constructing sweaters and afghans using hexagons and pentagons. The items composed with hexagons were tiled and two-dimensional, while I had only dabbled a bit with the more three-dimensional results of joining pentagons. This thought process evolved into Celestine. I had not been thinking of the triangles that comprise the pentagons as my base units. An icosahedron, with its 20 triangles, would have been an equally good form for a knitted star, easily constructed from repeated identical sections and having the same number of faces once stellated (60).