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Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer's Hexaflexacube

Title: Hexaflexacube You may manipulate this piece!
Artist and Designer: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer (Woolly Thoughts)
Materials: Acrylic Double Knitting yarns; polyester wadding; fishing line
Technique: Crochet
Artist’s Statement: The Hexaflexacube consists of 18 crochet triangles. The triangles are assembled into 9 padded sections, joined with fishing line so that coloured stitching does not show through from one side to the other. The sections are joined in such a way that one face of the hexagon is shades of green, one is pinks and the other is yellows. The joining is very similar to a Mobius band.
For many years we have made paper hexaflexagons with children. Our original crochet hexaflexagon was made as a large-scale example of the paper versions, with the centres coloured in the same way. The Hexaflexacube isn’t a cube! It just looks like a cube and when you explore it you can find six different faces, each looking like a cube. At first glance, many people think there are only three different faces but, on closer inspection there are two different cubes for each colour combination.
To manipulate the Hexaflexacube: Push down gently on the outer edge of the centre line of all three rhombuses; the other edges will rise up. Push them apart and you will see a new face. Repeat. How do you find three more?