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Mary Shepherd's counted threadwork sampler

Title: The Practical Sampler
Materials: Linen and Thread
Artist: Mary Sheperd
Designer: Eileen Bennett
Technique: Counted Thread Work (including counted cross-stitch and at least fourteen other stitches)

Artist’Äôs Description: This sampler includes four of the seven possible frieze patterns and two of the possible twelve wallpaper patterns. (Only twelve wallpaper patterns are possible on evenweave work.) The frieze patterns appearing are (1) pmg2---vertical mirrors, no horizontal mirrors, glide reflection and 180 degree rotation,
(2) p1m1---horizontal mirror only,
(3) p111---no symmetries beyond the translational one, and
(4) p112---no mirrors, no glide reflections and two 180 degree rotations.
The wallpaper patterns appearing are
(1) pmm---has only 180 degree rotational symmetry, reflections and any axis of a glide reflection is also an axis of a reflection,
(2) cm---no rotational symmetries, does have a reflection and there is an axis of a glide reflection that is not an axis of any reflection.
Can you identify each? How many of each pattern type can you find?