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Susan Wildstrom's Sierpinski shawl on display

Title: Sierpinski Shawl
Artist: Susan Schwartz Wildstrom
Designer: Jacob and Susan Schwartz Wildstrom
Materials: Silk
Technique: Crochet

Artist’Äôs Description: Silk Shawl in the manner of Sierpinski is a wearable piece of mathematical art. It is made of grey silk yarn crocheted using a very simple pattern derived from the cellular automata that creates the Sierpinski gasket. Beginning with a chain of three and two additional double crochets in the third chain stitch, a triangle of three stitches emanates from a common point. Each subsequent row has two stitches more than the previous row, which creates the triangle shape. In both the first and last stitch of each row (after the first) a chain 3 and a double crochet are made. For all stitches between them either a double crochet or a chain 1 stitch is made according to the following simple rule: to determine the stitch to be constructed in stitch n, look at stitches n-1 and n+1, ie, the stitches to the right and left of the stitch into which you will place your needle. If the two stitches are the SAME as one another, double crochet; if the two stitches are DIFFERENT from one another, chain 1.