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sarah-marie's striped Klein bottles

Title: Klein Bottle 1 (Swirling Colors)
Artist and Designer: sarah-marie belcastro
Materials: two variegated cotton yarns
Technique: knitting, seed stitch

Artists Description: The Klein Bottle is a closed surface with a single side; the outside and inside are not separated by an edge. One cannot create a Klein Bottle in three dimensions without having one of two things happen... either it intersects itself, or it has a hole with an edge (a boundary). This Klein Bottle has a boundary, and so one can change its shape by pulling parts of it through its hole.

Title: Klein Bottle 2 (Shows Mbius Strips)
Artist and Designer: sarah-marie belcastro
Materials: Three cotton yarns
Technique: Knitting, seed stitch

Artists Description: Another aspect of the Klein Bottle is that it can be viewed as the connected sum of two projective planes. A projective plane with a small hole cut into it is a Mbius strip, and so we can find two Mbius strips within any Klein Bottle. In this Klein bottle the two Mbius strips are highlighted with variegated yarns.