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Mark Shoulson's Roman Surface

Title: Roman Surface
Artist and Designer: Mark Shoulson
Technique: Crochet

Artistĺ─˘s Description: Crocheted in three colors, from the center out. This was crocheted as three mutually orthogonal, mutually intersecting discs of fabric, with true self-intersection, and then stitched together on the outside (with black yarn, for clarity). Starting at the triple-point makes it easier to cover that strange spot, as it gets ĺ─˙cut outĺ─¨ by the small starting circles of the discs. Stuffed to show structure.
It ought to be possible (if difficult) to knit a Roman Surface seamlessly (except at the top and bottom) using the same method as the seamless cross-cap, and the ĺ─˙cross-handleĺ─¨ Klein bottle. I havenĺ─˘t attempted this yet.