Crafting by Concepts
edited by sarah-marie belcastro and Carolyn Yackel

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Welcome! Here is some information about Crafting by Concepts. The book (published by AK Peters, which is part of CRC Press) is available from CRC Press, AmazonUS (and Amazon Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, and France), Barnes&Noble, Magers&Quinn, Lacis, Bokklubben (Norway), Krisostomus (Estonia), Paddyfield (Hong Kong), Angus&Robertson (Australia), Borders (Australia), QBD (Australia), Booktopia (Australia), Mighty Ape (New Zealand), Fishpond (New Zealand), Waterstone's (UK), Blackwell's (UK), Flipkart (India), PBforBooks (Thailand) , Kangcom (S. Korea), Kalahari (Kenya), and buscalibros (Chile) as well.
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You can hear about Crafting by Concepts (and many other topics) as part of the Math4Knitters podcast, Show 110.

So, how does this book compare to Making Mathematics with Needlework? Crafting by Concepts has chapters (broken down into four sections each), and also has minis with only two sections (mathematical description and project instructions). The four sections in each chapter are an overview for everyone, a mathematics section for both enthusiasts and professionals, a teaching ideas section, and project instructions. Some of the chapters have multiple projects.
Below is our list of mathematical topics, authors, and projects.

knitting surfaces of revolution / Amy F. Szczepanski (here too) / three knitted hats (ravelry pattern pages: coney, bee, stripehead)

number theory and braid words in helix striping / sarah-marie belcastro / knitted nightcap and bedsocks (ravelry pattern pages: nightcap, bedsocks)

(mini) the cross-cap embedding of the projective plane / Emily Peters / knitted cross-cap (ravelry pattern page)

realizations of the Sierpinski triangle / Ted Ashton / one tatted, one beaded, one string-art, and five cross-stitched Sierpinski triangles

defining cross-stitched diaper patterns / Diane Herrmann / cross-stitched cube

cosets and two-color symmetry patterns / Mary D. Shepherd with sarah-marie belcastro and Carolyn Yackel / cross-stitched pillow

(mini) perfect squared rectangles / Susan Goldstine / crocheted baby blanket (ravelry pattern pages: simple, simpler)

spherical symmetry groups / Carolyn Yackel with sarah-marie belcastro / three temari balls

quilting semi-regular tessellations / Irena Swanson / bed-sized quilt and 10 other sets of instructions


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